Top Sports For Betting

Top Sports For Betting

With the availability of popular sporting, betting is at its peak.

1. Soccer betting 

Soccer is arguably the most loved sporting event world over. No wonder it is referred to as the beautiful game. It attracts a huge fanbase across major leagues, especially in Europe. Over the years, soccer has become popular in the United States with the growth of MLS. 

Soccer provides varied stakes for placement. This presents lots of chances to make money. Knowledge of the wide variety of bets is key. However, winning soccer bets is not guaranteed. There are so many factors like injuries, team form, among others, that can make soccer unpredictable. It makes sense to bet on the amount of money you can afford to lose.

3. How to bet on NFL

It is not easy to bet and win on NFL. The point spread is betting based on the margin of victory. For instance, a team given -6 is at six points favorites, and a bet is won by a win exceeding 7 points. Similarly, a bet is won when the other team given +6 emerges victors or loses 1-5.

A total bet is a stake on the total number of points scored in a game. For two teams whose total is 50, a stake of “over” wins if the collective score is over 51 points. A stake of “under” wins for a collective 49 or fewer points. A score of 50 is a refund for both bettors.

4. Betting on NBA

Betting on NBA is much like the NFL. It is based on the margin of victory and the total number of points. You can also bet on money lines. One will have to bet $200 for a team listed as -200 favorites over another team to win $100. Any win for the team listed -200 wins the bet.

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