Top 3 Sports For Betting

Sports betting is getting easier and easier these days. A person no longer needs to go through an agent in Vegas. There are mobile apps, websites, and betting stations in casinos and sports arenas. Here are the top 3 sports if you want to get into game betting and take a chance toward a big payout.


Sports betting was blocked at the federal level for years, but that all changed in 2018. Since then, betting on soccer has been legalized in only 20 states and counting. All this progress means it is a really exciting avenue for sports betting these days. It is the most widely bet on sport in the rest of the world and the US is sure to continue getting in on the games.

Horse Racing

There are few that haven't heard of the big money won at The Kentucky Derby every spring. But did you know horse racing goes on year-round? It does! You no longer must go to the local racetrack to bet, either. There are apps available to keep up with how the horses are performing. Your biggest wins will be during the big three: The Kentucky Derby, The Preakness Stakes, and The Belmont Stakes.


Have you ever played fantasy football? People's charts have won big bucks. There are now huge avenues for football betting. The bets go way beyond which teams are winning and losing. You can bet on ultra-specific attributes of each game, like the likelihood of points that a player will make individually, or more broad bets like over/under point differences.

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