TheTop 3 Sports You Can Bet On

The global sports betting industry has become a billion-dollar industry today, inviting participation from all corners of the world. As there have been efforts towards regularizing sports betting across several countries, it has prompted individuals to participate in betting on various kinds of sporting events. Not only is sports betting fun and exciting, but many individuals see it as a money-making opportunity.

The rampant advent of online sports betting sites has further fueled the popularity of sports betting. While there are a number of sports that can be bet on, there are a few clear favorites. In this section, we look at three of the most popular sports for betting in today's times.


Soccer is easily the most popular sport globally, and not surprisingly, it is also the most bet on sport around the world. A major percentage of the global sports betting industry constitutes the wagers placed in soccer matches and tournaments. As the most popular sport, there is plenty of soccer matches happening all year round, with FIFA as the largest tournament of the sport. Although it happens every four years, there are a number of qualifying matches happening leading up to the tournament. While around 280 teams compete in the qualifying rounds, around 32 participate in the FIFA tournament.

Horse Racing

There was a time when horse racing was the primary sport for betting. Its popularity is intact today, and it still is the preferred sport for gambling enthusiasts. From the basic bets like win and place to the more exotic ones like exacta and trifecta, bettors can opt for a variety of betting options according to their betting expertise.


With the legalization of NFL betting since 2018, the sport has emerged as the clear winner when it comes to betting in the US. The Super Bowl remains the biggest crowd-puller attracting exorbitant amounts in betting. The tournament is not only popular within the US but is also the main source of attraction for bettors belonging to other parts of the world as well.

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