The Top 3 Sports For Betting In 2022

The popularity of sports betting seems to be on the rise, particularly in recent years. The increasing number of official sports and tournaments and the advent of online sports betting have led to the sports betting industry becoming a massive billion-dollar giant. There s an increasing number of individuals joining sports betting and trying their hands at betting on different kinds of sports.

So, if you are also considering betting, here are the top three sports to bet on.


Soccer or European football is the most popular sport globally, making it the most bet on sport. Soccer is a game of strategy, and if you want to bet successfully, you need extensive knowledge of the game, including the rules, the teams and players etc. Played in more than 200 countries, it is watched by more than 3.5 billion individuals worldwide. 

With so much popularity, it is easy to see why soccer is the preferred choice for most when it comes to betting. From the complex to the simple bets, you have plenty of betting markets to choose from. Additionally, since many tournaments and soccer competitions are happening around the year as a soccer bettor, you can expect to be busy around the year.

Horse Racing

There was a time when sports betting was synonymous with horse race betting. While there has been a massive increase in the number of official sports, the popularity of horse racing has not reduced, and neither has its popularity for sports betting. Individuals can choose to place simple bets like the winner or the place in the race. Alternatively, you can also consider more complex ones like the trifecta and exacta.


Like soccer, American football also offers many betting opportunities around the year. It is one of the most popular sports in the country, and subsequent to the legalization of betting in the NFL in 2018, today it is the most bet on sport in the country.

To date, the Super Bowl is the most popular event in the country, whereby millions of dollars are exchanged among the betting community. The popularity of the sport is not limited to the US only. Rather, it attracts punters from far and wide who like to place wagers across the multiple betting markets offered by all the major bookmakers.

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