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Betting sports have always been popular and nowadays are truly rising in popularity even more with most fans looking to enter into the market to make bets. Research through local bookies, online betting and offshore sportsbooks have provided results to show what the most popular sports are that make billions of dollars collectively. Here is what was found.


1. First up is soccer or as the Europeans call it, football. But, by whatever name it is called, it is one of the most popular betting sports as it is one of the most watched sports all over the globe. It is both popular and profitable as some may argue this is because it is fairly straightforward when it comes to betting. One has to only predict if there will be a win or a draw and guess the final score. Although the more experienced bettors have many other opportunities to bet such as throw ins and corner kicks and at what period of the game these will happen, most beginners stick to the basic bet.

2. American Football lovers will bet that the NFL or National Football League is the most popular betting sport. Americans and many around the world spend a fortune when it comes to betting on league matches during the season every year. With it all leading up to the Super Bowl and this is the biggie with billions being wagered on the outcome.

3. Last, is the NBA which is the National Basketball Association and just as the other two discussed, this is gaining popularity by the minute as billions too are spent on betting with this sport.

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